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Since its creation in 1999 by renowned Senegalese artist Laye Ananas, Lions of Africa Sénégal, SUARL, has embraced the exciting mission of promoting Senegal’s rich culture through unique artistic expressions.
Based on traditional stories told by the Griots, master storytellers and historians, the company has created exclusive productions highlighting the history and legends that have shaped Senegalese society.
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The magic of griots

The Griots, keepers of ancestral wisdom, transmit their sagacity through music, song, dance, and poetry. Lions Of Africa has gathered the most talented artists from Gambia and Senegal to breathe life into these captivating stories. The enchanting performances of the group have mesmerized audiences worldwide, making Lions of Africa cultural ambassadors of Senegal, invited to European countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway.

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Uncover the vibrant heritage of Lions of Africa. Explore the cultural richness of Senegal through captivating performances and unique artistic expressions. Be inspired by our cultural odyssey.

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